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Led Zeppelin - Characteristics o Fast Tempos(generally o...

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Led Zeppelin Background o Jimmy Page (lead guitar) Neil Christian/Crusaders, lead guitar (1962-63) London session guitarist (1963-66) Yardbirds, bass (1966) Yardbirds, lead guitar (1966-1967) New Yardbirds (1968) Led Zeppelin (1969-80) Influences Chuck Berry James Burton Sotty Moore Muddy Waters Elmore James o John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards) London studio musician, producer (1963-68) New Yardbirds, bass (1968) Led Zeppelin, bass, keyboards (1969-80) o New Yardbirds add Robert Plant (vocals) and John Bonham (drums)
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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics o Fast Tempos (generally) o Fast guitar licks o Catchy guitar riffs o Unusual rhythmic patterns o Wailing vocals (Plant) o Use of distortion o Loud volumes o Use of studio in composition process • Melodies often modal (especially Middle Eastern modes) o Lyrics address: occult, supernatural, Celtic legend (after 3 rd LP) o Guitar solos (Page) Generally fast, repeated licks Often approaches solo with a steady ascent to high register Strict rhythms Even note subdivision...
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