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Punk Rock - o Text Generally anti-establishment Often...

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Punk Rock 1970’s reaction against o Art rock o Heavy Metal o Disco Philosophy: Rebellion against established norms Musically an extension of 1960’s hard rock styles Artistic Movement? o Dadaist movement o Anti-Art movement Anarchic, Nihilistic, Pessimistic, Self-destructive Style Characteristics o Sound Loud volumes Basic rock band o Form Simple song forms Strophic Standard AABA o Harmony Simple chord progressions Practical guitar chords 2-3 chords in progression Bass riff is often harmonic foundation o Time
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Tempos very fast Typically quadruple meter Drums heavily accent every beat o Melody Vocals limited in range Vocals sometimes yelled in a monotone Guitar solos generally avoided; simple, limited in range
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Unformatted text preview: o Text Generally anti-establishment Often violence-oriented Sometimes vulgar Express frustration of musicians and fans o Other: Safety pins in body parts Torn clothes Dark clothes Sadomasochistic tendencies in performers and fans Dances: Pogo, Slamming • Proto-Punk Rockers o Velvet Underground, Waiting for the Man (1967) o Iggy and the Stooges, I Want to Be Your Dog (1969) o MC5, Kick Out the Jams (1969) o The Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop (1976) o Glitter/Glam Bands have been considered forerunners to punk (or related) Alice Cooper, I’m Eighteen (1970) David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust (1972) The New York Dolls Kiss...
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Punk Rock - o Text Generally anti-establishment Often...

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