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Rhythm and Blues Major labels recorded exclusively white popular songs Smaller labels such as Paramount and King record African-American music and small-time Records recorded by minorities referred to as “race music.” Popularity of “race music” causes performers to attract attention of larger labels. RCA and others create sub-companies for the purpose of cashing in on “race music” in 1940's. Referred to as “Jump music” - named after dance (Jump=Jitterbug) General Traits: draws from jazz and blues draws bouncing repetitive rhythm and 8-bar from boogie woogie blues rhythm section of drums, piano, and stand-up base rhythm guitar but no lead used horns a saxophone in music – tenor saxophone takes solo pieces one or two singers (smooch tenor for slow love music and screamer for fast songs with risqué
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Unformatted text preview: lyrics) filthy lyrics that couldn't even be played today. • screamer large influence on rock & roll. • Rock&Roll first used in reference to R&B in reference to dancing and sex. Lewis Jordan Known for humorous novelty songs “Chu Chu Chuboogie” Derived from swing jazz R&B takes a harder edge and turns into Rock&Roll Bull Moose Jackson 4 beat rhythm Roy Brown Smooth Singing Didn't sell very well Other rockers covered his songs and did much better with them “Rockin at Midnight” “Good Rockin Tonight” (rec. 1948) J&M Studios – Key rock&roll recording studio Jacky Breston & the Delta Cats “Rockin 88” at Memphis recording studio run by Sam Philips; evolves into Sun Records First song about a car: oldsmobile 1950 v8 Willie Mae Thornton Big Mamma Thornton “Houndog” (rec. 1953)...
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