Rap - a Humorous stories b Social/political c Sports d Food...

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Rap 1) Hip Hop a. Cultural/artistic development b. Late 1970’s, early 1980’s c. Large urban centers d. Visual: Graffiti e. Dance: Break Dancing f. Rap 2) Early Sources a. Same roots as blues b. African American word games (“the Dozens”) c. Talking blues (Leadbelly, Guthrie, Dylan, etc.) d. Beat poetry recitation (40’s-50’s) 3) “Percussionization of Popular Music a. Voice is a percussion instrument b. Rhythm is most prominent c. Pitch is indefinite 4) Style characteristics a. Spoken, chanted vocal delivery b. Vocal delivery is rhythmic c. Poetic narrative, poetic devices i. Rhyme schemes ii. Figurative language d. Often based on vamps, recurring riffs e. Bass, snare drums and bass guitar heavily accented f. Bass guitar plays syncopated riff
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g. End rhymes predominant, internal rhymes often used h. Line, stanza lengths varied i. Poetic rhythms are varied 5) Topics:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Humorous stories b. Social/political c. Sports d. Food e. Sex 6) Gil Scott-Heron (b. 1949), rap predecessor a. B Movie (1981) 7) Rap in the 1970’s a. Began initially in the Bronx b. Descended from disco 12” singles c. DJ’s become MC’s (“Master of Ceremonies” “Mic Controller”) i. Turntable manipulation ii. Backspinning iii. Scratching d. Sugarhill Gang, Rapper’s Delight (1979) 8) Mid-80’s Rap a. Texts more rhythmically syncopated b. Greater use of internal rhymes c. Internal rhythms often divided text asymmetrically; rhythmic flow has disjointed feeling 9) Public Enemy, One Million Bottle Bags (1991) a. “Forced the world to take hip hop seriously” b. “Introduced intellectual rigor, controlled chaos, and outright chaos to hip hop”...
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Rap - a Humorous stories b Social/political c Sports d Food...

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