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The Who - ii Angst(distress anxiety iii My...

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The Who 1) Band Members a. Pete Townshend – guitar, vocals, composer b. Roger Daltrey – vocals c. John Entwistle – bass, vocals d. Keith Moon – drums, vocals (died 1978) e. Kenny Jones – drums (from 1981-1989) 2) Roots in “trad jazz” – Traditional jazz (Dixieland) a. Peter, banjo b. John, trumpet c. Roger, trombone 3) The Detours (1962-63) 4) The Who (1964) 5) The High Numbers: manager Pete Meaden “Mods” vs. “Rockers” (1964) 6) The Who (1964-1989) 7) Two Style Periods a. Early Who, 1965-1969 b. Late Who, 1969-1989 8) Early Who characteristics a. Chordal guitar solos b. Melodic bass lines (lead bass) c. Busy drums (but not cluttered) d. Short songs e. Rhythm and blues influence f. Teen anthems: i. Anger
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Angst (distress, anxiety) iii. My Generation (1965)f 9) Transition: Rock Opera Tommy (1969) a. We’re Not Gonna Take It – Teen Anthem b. Large-scale work c. Concept album d. Longer songs e. More intricate song construction 10) Late Who characteristics a. Longer songs b. More polyphonic, layered musical texture c. Long introduction to songs d. Much use of synthesizers e. Daltrey screams more f. Bass still melodic g. More melodic guitar solos, but still much chordal work h. Drums maniacally busy, yet still not cluttered i. Anthem: Won’t Get Fooled Again , Baba O’Reilly (1971) j. Autobiographical: Who Are you (1978)...
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  • The Who, Chordal guitar solos, melodic bass lines, c. John Entwistle, b. Roger Daltrey, manager Pete Meaden

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The Who - ii Angst(distress anxiety iii My...

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