Ethnic Groups - District surrounded by a country but not...

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Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups: ethnic minorities that co-exist with other ethnicities in multi-national states Canada: Quebecois Soviet Union : Russians, Ukrainians Afghanistan: Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara Yugoslavia: Bosnian Serbs, Muslims Ethnic Separatism: desire for one or more ethnic groups to obtain sovereignty and split the territory claimed by many ethnic groups Claim geographic space for culture Ethnic Cleansing Ethnic Cleansing: the forced removal of people of one ethnic group Hebrew conquest of Canaan (13 th century BC) Exile (Expulsion of Muslims, France, 13 th century AD) Forced migration (Trail of Tears, USA. 1838) Forced march of POWs (Bataan Death March of US and Filipino soldiers by Japanese forces in 1942) War crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights violations Systematic removal of real or potential opposition Ethnic Enclaves
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Unformatted text preview: District surrounded by a country but not ruled by it or not culturally a part of it Usually an ethnic group separated from the mother ship History of Yugoslavia World War II Yugoslavia occupied by Axis powers Republics occupied and claimed by Albania, Russia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria Independent state of Croatia: established by Germans Includes Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina Ethnic cleansing of Serbians by Croats (700,000 Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies) Serbian Resistance lead by Josib Broz Tico Geography of Yugoslavia (1946-1991) 6 Republics: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 Autonomous Regions: Vojvodina (diverse) and Kosovo (Albanians) both part of Serbia Muslim population interspersed (minority) Controlled government in Bosnia...
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Ethnic Groups - District surrounded by a country but not...

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