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Globalization: The Contemporary Context Globalization – Increasing interconnectedness through common processes of economic, environmental, political, and cultural change; shared culture and economy across the globe. Transnational Corporation – a firm with activities that cross national-state boundaries. Supranational Organizations – multiple states working collectively toward political and economic objectives; diminishes stated sovereignty. Neoliberalism – philosophy focused on reducing the role of government in economic activities; privatization of formerly publicly owned entities (roads, utilities). 3 Views on Globalization: Hyperglobalist – more people and more global connections mean more prosperity. Skeptical – globalization is nothing new and doesn't solve any current problems. Transformationalist – globalization is new, contradictory, and challenging; it will create unpredictable change in both positive and negative ways. Key Issues: Environment – pollution, ozone depletion, global warming
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Unformatted text preview: • Health – HIV/AIDS, SARS, antibiotic resistant TB • Security – terrorism, civil war, regional instability Tensions • The more universal material culture becomes, the more valuable ethnic and regional identities become. • The faster we go to cyberspace, the more we yearn for space/places we can call our own. • The more transnational corporations dominate economic and social life, the more sensitive people become to local variations. Jihad vs. McWorld • Jihad – tribalism; cultural values associated with religious fundamentalism, traditional tribal allegiances, opposition to western materialism. • McWorld – globalism; pop-culture and shallow materialism of western culture. Sense of Place Lifeworld – taken for granted patterns and contexts for everyday living. Intersubjectivity – the process of building shared meanings that are derived from life experience in a place....
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