Human Geography Test 2 Study Guide

Human Geography Test 2 Study Guide - G eography to Know...

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Geography to Know Lake Superior Minnesota Oregon Germany Egypt Indonesia Columbia Brazil France Middle East (location of Fertile Crescent) Chernobyl Nuclear Facility (Belarus/Ukraine border) China Zimbabwe Vocabulary to Know Place – space with meaning Topophilia – love of place Territoriality – persistent attachments of people to a specific location or territory GNP – gross national product – value of income from abroad GDP – gross domestic product – value of all goods and services produced in one year in one country
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HDI – human development index – measures quality of life with education, income, and longevity Purchasing Power Parity - amount of a basket of basic goods which can be bought in the given country with the money it produces UNDP – Gender Empowerment Index Dependency Theory – neocolonialism – development in one place means underdevelopment in somewhere else, developing countries need developed countries and vice versa Gateway Cities – served as a link between one country/region and others because of their physical location, synonymous with industrialization Shock Cities – embodies surprising and disturbing changes in economic and population growth World Cities – conduct a disproportionate part of world’s business (economic, political and cultural) Central Place Theory – people won’t travel far for less expensive, everyday goods; people will travel farther for more expensive, less frequently purchased items Edge City – nodal concentrations of shopping and office space situated on the fringes of metropolitan areas, typically near highway interchanges
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Human Geography Test 2 Study Guide - G eography to Know...

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