Political Geography - Political Geography: Power,...

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Political Geography: Power, Boundaries, and Territories Genocide: 1) Classification – divided into us vs. them 2) Symbolization – hate symbols, hate speech 3) Dehumanization – made inhuman (to allow murder) or illegal (to allow deportation) 4) Organization – special military units are trained 5) Polarization – propaganda is broadcast 6) Identification – victims are identified and separated from the general public 7) Denial – cover up, denial of crime Territory and Sovereignty Territory: area claimed by or dependant on a sovereign power geographic space of the state or nation Sovereignty: supreme power; self-governance former colonies are not usually formal culture regions struggle for sovereignty Power Ability to have influence; to impose one's will individuals Collectives – states, corporations, universities, etc coercive: force, conflict, or violence symbol: legitimate vision of the world Political Geography Geopolitics: power to control space or territory
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Political Geography - Political Geography: Power,...

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