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Radical Immigration America is a land of immigration; 99% of persons currently residing in the United States are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. People come to this country to reunite with family, advance economically, or escape persecution. The United States receives more immigrants, legal and illegal, than every other country combined. 1964 – immigration greatly expanded by the government. Cubans come to US because of economic opportunity (pull forces) and persecution from the communist government (push forces). Terrible conditions in Haiti. Haitians face daily fight for survival. The US treats Haitians different from other immigrants; the government strips them of their rights and ships them back in massive numbers Kids dig in trash to survive.
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Unformatted text preview: • 2.1 is replacement rate to keep a society stable (Every couple must have 2 kids) • South Korea has the lowest fertility rate. • The world's population is not growing as fast as previously thought. • “Minutemen” are ineffective group of citizens attempting to keep Mexicans from crossing the border. • Lady immigrated illegally from El Salvador to be with mother. Gave up much bigger house so she could have a mother in her life. Her sister's son was kidnapped and murdered. • Everyone comes here for a reason • We aren't taking the right approach; we say we want immigrants to become like us but we segregate them into their own communities where the aren't going to become like us cause they aren't integrating with us....
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