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Jacob McMillen Assignment #6: Secret of the Wild Child 1) The Critical Period Hypothesis states that there is a particular period in the life of humans when they're ripe for learning languages. 2) She was locked in a room and tied to a potty chair for most of her life. Completely restrained, she was forced to sit alone day and night. She had little to look at and no one to talk to for more than ten years. And she was possibly beaten for making any sort of noise. 3) It is very difficult to test certain hypotheses like the Critical Period Hypothesis because it is unethical to recreate the conditions necessary in a test subject’s life.
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Unformatted text preview: Because Genie had already had the necessary conditions imposed upon her, she was a rare opportunity to test certain hypotheses such as the Critical Period Hypothesis. 4) ( C ) 5) ( A ) 6) ( D ) 7) ( A ) 8) If Genie was, in fact, mentally retarded, then none of the testing results would be valid in reference to the Critical Period Hypothesis. The Critical Period Hypothesis deals with normal, mentally healthy individuals, and thus, a mentally retarded test subject would not produce relevant data....
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