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Jacob McMillen Ideal Case Scenario for Critical Period Testing Testing the Critical Period Hypothesis has proven a most difficult task due to the inability of the experimenters to create the conditions necessary for an ideal test. The hypothesis covers too vast a portion of one’s life to devote it to testing. Additionally, should the hypothesis be true, it would most unhealthy for an individual to undergo the necessary solidarity fully test the hypothesis. That being said, many cases have come along that have allowed this hypothesis to be tested. None, however, have been ideal. An ideal scenario would involve controls and the isolation of the factors being tested. Basically, one would have to be assured the subject was entirely normal and functional at birth
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Unformatted text preview: and then be able to isolate the subject from all language building factors while simultaneously maintaining normalcy in every other part of the growing-up process. It is safe to say, that this scenario would be quite impossible to achieve (as are most ideal scenarios) even if attempting it was ethical and socially acceptable. The best scenario an experimenter can hope for then, is one slightly better than the case of Genie, where evil actions already committed allow science to lend a hand in helping with the things that truly matter while simultaneously learning something as well....
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