Code-Switching Analysis (#3)

Code-Switching Analysis (#3) - Jacob McMillen...

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Jacob McMillen Code-Switching Analysis ‘“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence in Spanish y termino en espanol”: toward a typology of code-switching’ by Shana Poplack, was written for the purpose of better explaining the phenomenon of code-switching. It is meant to address the role of linguistic factors code- switching. It has been generally accepted that functional factors play the largest role in the development of code-switching. Poplack, however, attempts to demonstrate how the incorporation of both functional and linguistic factors into a single model is necessary to account for code-switching behavior. The research was conducted in New York City, primarily a block known as El Barrio where 95% of the residents are Puerto Rican. First, Second, and Third generation family members were observed in their communicational patterns in private, public, casual, and formal settings. It was observed that while Spanish is primarily used in private, casual settings and English in public, formal settings, code-switching was a common occurrence in both. Poplack
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Code-Switching Analysis (#3) - Jacob McMillen...

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