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Ling Notes - Teeth 10 Tip of tongue 11 Blade of tongue 12...

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Prescriptive grammar Descriptive grammar Mental Lexicon – all the sounds you know Articulatory Phonetics The Components of Grammar a. Sound System – “pure sound” b. Phonology – pattern of sounds c. Morphology – the study of word formation d. Semantics – meaning e. Syntax – ordering of words in a sentence Tone Pure Sounds 1. Object sounds 2. Phonetic sounds (phone) Phoneme – the smallest unit that can differentiate the meanings of words Allophone – actual realization of a phoneme Minimal pair – two words only separated by one vowel Monopthongs – single vowel Diphthongs – vowel combination 1. Vocal Tract (supralaryngeal) a. Oral Cavity b. Nasal Cavity 2. Larynx a. Vocal folds (cords) b. Glottis
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3. Pharynx 4. Uvula 5. Soft Palate (velum) 6. Hard Palate 7. Alveolar Ridge 8. Lips 9.
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Unformatted text preview: Teeth 10. Tip of tongue 11. Blade of tongue 12. Back of tongue 13. Front of tongue 14. Root of tongue Vocal Terms 1. Voiced/voiceless 2. Place of articulation 3. Manner of articulation Place Bilabial Abio-dental Interdental Alvedar Alveo-palatal Palatal Velar glottal Stop (p) b (t) d (k) g (p) Fricative (t) v ( ) ð Ѳ (s) z (∫) 3 (h) Affricate (t∫) d3 Nasal m n ŋ Central Approximate w America n “r” j Lateral Approximate l Flap £ 1. Tongue advancement 2. Tongue height 3. Tense/lax 4. Rounded/unrounded Air supply –> sound source –> sound filters FOR TEST 2 Content morphene = derivational morphene – changes meaning Inflectional morphene = function morphene – changes function of word...
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Ling Notes - Teeth 10 Tip of tongue 11 Blade of tongue 12...

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