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Jacob McMillen Psych 1101 Psychological Disorders Today in psychology class we learned about Bipolar Disorder. People who have this psychological disorder alternate between depressive and manic episodes. Often people with bipolar disorder are diagnosed with depression and given anti-depressants. This medicine only serves to greatly enhance their manic episodes, making them way too happy, over-confident, and prone to rash behavior under the belief that they are invincible. I would actually consider myself the opposite of this and even wonder if I possibly have an undiscovered disorder. I am extremely “even kill.” I never get elated or deeply depressed. It is almost impossible to make me get legitimately angry and someone or something. I wasn't always this way. During my junior year of football, a combination of strong brotherhood with my teammates and a winning season made more excited than I had ever been. Every game was a virtual sports “high” and the large crowd attendance and Friday night lights were extremely exciting. The next season was a huge
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Unformatted text preview: disappointment with only two wins, no camaraderie and an eight week stretch with no wins. After that senior year I have yet to be extremely excited or extremely depressed. As a general rule, nothing seems to affect me emotionally. I don't get angry easily and I am actually slightly concerned that nothing can excite me. I wonder if this is some sort of disorder or something else. It could be I'm just maturing and things that sounded ideal to me are no longer appealing. Or it could be that I just haven't encountered things that can excite me or depress me yet. I think it hasn't something to do with trusting in God and not worrying about what life throws at me because I know he is faithful. But that only explains the depression part. Anyway, it is a most interesting position to be in, and I would be interested to know if a disorder such as this exists – or if it could even be classified as a disorder....
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