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Unformatted text preview: Jacob McMillen Psych 1101 Sports Psychology Many people play sports in this day and age. Often starting in kindergarten and stopping at death, Americans fill their lives with sports of all types. A common phenomenon that occurs in sports, especially in more competitive circumstances, is called “choking under pressure.” This phenomenon refers to a decrease in productivity or competitive capability in high pressure situations, such as the end of a close game or in the presence of important people. Throughout my life I have frequently played sports and am well aware what it means to “choke under pressure.” Sports psychologists often focus on devising ways to help athletes overcome this phenomenon and even increase their athletic capabilities when the pressure increases. In football, competition operates on a play-by-play basis and consequently I rarely experienced noticed pressure. I was too concentrated on doing my job on any given particular play to have time to “choke.” Basketball, however, is an entirely different story. In basketball, I think a lot more during play “choke....
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