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Psych Paper - Stress

Psych Paper - Stress - Jacob McMillen Psych 1101 Stress...

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Jacob McMillen Psych 1101 Stress Many people are affected by stress. In today's hectic, clock-dictated society, many fall victim to innumerable commitments. People often try to please everyone – by definition an impossible task. People are generally busier than they want to be. Often, they are terrible prioritizers and only realize their mistakes after they have made them. All these things lead to stress. And if stress isn't bad enough, some people have stress or anxiety disorders that just serve to make things more difficult. I am writing about stress and anxiety because I don't general experience either of them. I don't know as a fact why this is but I can certainly make some educated guesses. I do not have any anxiety disorders that I am aware of and it is extremely unusual for me to get stressed out. There are probably several reasons for this. First, I do not create an extremely busy schedule for myself. I like to be occupied, but I also enjoy quiet time and will err on the side of more free time as opposed to being too busy. I rarely am
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