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Unformatted text preview: Paleogeography of Acadian Orogeny • Note subduction on eastern and western Laurentia • Acadian Orogeny begins in N with Baltica forming Coledonide Mts Acadian Coledonide and continues south with Acadia and then Carolina Terrains. The Orogenies of the Middle Paleozoic: Acadian and Antler • Acadian orogeny sutures Baltica, Avalonia and Carolina to Laurentia – Erosion of Acadia produces Catskill and Old Red Clastic Wedges – This sediment flux to the oceans shuts-off Carbonate rock production in eastern epicontinental sea • Antler Orogeny – Antler arc (mislabeled in image) sheds clastic wedge – Ultimately accreted to continent Acadian and Antler Orogenies Old Red Sandstone 1 Big mass extinction Devonian Reef in Australia Fish evolution takes off in Devonian 2 Vascular tissue allows plants invade land Early Devonian Vascular Plant (Rhynia) Silurian Vascular Plant (Baragwanathia) Archaeopteris = first tree First Terrestrial Vertebrate: Ichthyostega Amphibian (?) 3 ...
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