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Unformatted text preview: Early Paleozoic: Cambrian - Ordovician Tectonics Where are cratons positioned Paleoclimate Taconic Orogeny Paleontology Adaptive Radiations Trilobites Extinctions Tectonic Setting: Late Cambrian Tectonic Setting: Ordovician 1 Sediments of Laurentia in Cambrian: A flooded continent Early Cambrian Fossils: Tommotian - oldest skeletal fossils Trilobite trace fossil Brachiopods Cambrian Fossils Burgess Shale: Soft bodies, middle Cambrian Cambrian crinoid short stalk Cambrian Fish Plate! 2 Note: there is no regression at end of Ordovician! Taconic Orogeny Ordovician Sea Floor 3 Ordovician Fossils Nautaloid - big swimming predatory cephalopod Trilobites and Brachiopods - burrowing organisms (worms too!) disrupting sediment laminations! 3rd Trilobite Mass Extinction = End of Cambrian Mass Extinctions over time 4 ...
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