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Individual assignment #3 Project management planning is developing a project integration management plan, defining scope and collecting requirements, defining activities and their sequences within a certain timeframe, considering the risk, the costs involved, and the procurements. The more time spent on these steps, the more likely the project is successful. A project integration management plan defines the work that needs to be done, in what areas, and how it needs to be done. Defining the scope sets the quality of work, and collecting requirements states how to achieve those work standards. Based on the integration and scope factors, the activities that need to be done have to go under a time plan to save costs as much as possible. The risks factor should always be taking under consideration in case things to go as planned, so the
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Unformatted text preview: damage costs are transferred or minimized. A budget needs to be set to estimate the costs and spending so that the money is invested wisely. To achieve the best quality at the cheapest cost, a procurement plan needs to study and compare suppliers and resources. Three documents which might be used in project management are business case, project charter, and milestone report. The business case report points out the reasoning and the purpose for initiating a project, which is basically an overview. The project charter states the scope, objectives, and participants that are in control of the tasks of the project. The milestone report contains the summary, progress, and status of a project....
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