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Unformatted text preview: OB 354 Midterm I Put only your student number here (no names)______________ I know it is flu season and individuals have needs. Please finish all essays and turn them in before leaving the room. Please put in the best answer according to either lecture or the text. 1. OB focuses on three levels of analysis: a. individual, organization, and global b. individual, group, and team c. group, organization, and industry d. individual, group, organization 2. This perspective suggests that whenever a manager encounters a problem, there one best way to approach the problem a. Universal approach b. Constancy approach c. Luck of the draw approach d. Contingency approach 3. Max Weber developed the ideas of ____________, which included formal rules and regulations, impersonal treatment, division of labor, hierarchical structure, lifelong career commitment and the merit system of hiring. a. meritocracy b. butterflyocracy c. bureaucracy d. organic organization e. all of the above 4. The Hawthorne effect is best described by which fact? a. Changes occur simply because they are being studied . b. Differing levels of light affect productivity c. Social factors, not physical factors, are most important in improving productivity. d. Physical factors, not social factors, are most important in improving productivity. 5. The process of eliminating those parts of organizations that focus on noncore sectors of the business and hiring outside firms to perform these functions instead is called: a. downsizing/rightsizing b. outsourcing c. creating virtual organizations d. flextime programs 6. The practice of working fewer days each week but longer hours each day, often found in professions such as nursing, is termed. a. Flextime programs b. voluntary reduced work weeks c. compressed work week d. job sharing. 7. OB was slow to develop because (1) there were __________large organizations to study; (2)____________frowned on the study of mundane organizational problems:; and (3)____________variables were hard to measure a. few; economists, social science b. many; physicists; physical science c.many; economists, social science d. many; anthropologists, physical science 8. The notion of a butterfly flapping its wings in one area of the world, causing a tornado to occur in another remote area of the world is associated with systems theory and is termed a. the cyclone effect b. synergy c. the butterfly effect d. serendipity e. insect power 9. The labor saving impact of computers on secretaries and middle-managers is most associated with which OB trend or factor? a. Cross cultural aspects b. Ethical and unethical behavior c. Importance of the external environment on organizations d . Technology and its impact e. none of the above 10. A single line of authority can be drawn from top to bottom of an organization....
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oldtestw10-1 - OB 354 Midterm I Put only your student...

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