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Nicole Crowell Organizational Behavior February 2 nd , 2010 Response Questions 1. How do your values rank relative to the mean value relationship of Executives, Union Members and Activists? My top five values are (in ranking order) Self Respect, Security, Prosperity, Knowledge and Happiness. In comparison for to the Mean Value Ranking of Executives, my values are closely related to those of an Executive. Chapter 4 discusses how values generally influence a person’s behavior and attitude. Self Respect, Security and Happiness are the values that influence a large part of my life. 2. How do your values compare to the Dominant work values in today’s society?
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Unformatted text preview: My values are those are closely related to none of the cohorts list. While I live in the generation of the Nexters my values are more closely related to those of an older generation since I was partially raised by my grandmother. 3. What do your values tell you about the person – job; person – organization fit? The value that I am closely related to is the Investigative one. According to that person job fit I would make and excellent scientist or mathematician. While this might not be the exact career that I would have chosen I do believe that it will lead me to the career that I eventually want to do....
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