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Hemingway Paper 12-1 - Bell 1 -1Erica Bell Professor Abbott...

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Bell 1 -1Erica Bell Professor Abbott English 101 16 November 2008 True Mastery of the English Language Ernest Hemingway is considered by many to have been a witty and prolific writer. Hemingway’s mastery of the English language cannot be denied when one reads the short story “ Hills Like White Elephants”, as he skillfully weaves a story that the reader has to use subtle context clues in order to deduce not only what he is talking about but also the final outcome of the story. Many say that Hemingway appears to be writing about abortion with the male and female characters response to the invasive procedure. Critically acclaimed writers have debated the story and each have come to their own conclusion. Whether it is the barrenness of the land or the beads of the curtain, each detail described led the critics to a few beliefs about the final outcome of the story. Through symbolism and the inferred language of the characters, Jig’s decision to abort the child as well as her decision to continue seeing the American become evident. As the character Jig looks out on the fields, she sees hills that appear to be white while the countryside is brown. Both of these verbal descriptions are symbols of how she views her life. The hills appearing to be white are be a sign of fertility, since the color white is considered as a symbol of purity. White could also represent the absence of color which is a sign of infertility which led the Timothy O’Brien to state that “the demarcations of that conflict are not always clear” (O’Brien 19). The color brown in this
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Bell 2 description speaks of things that are dying or have already died, further leading the reader
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Hemingway Paper 12-1 - Bell 1 -1Erica Bell Professor Abbott...

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