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Nature School - Bell 1 Erica Bell Professor Abbott English...

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Bell 1 Erica Bell Professor Abbott English 1101 16 October 2008 Nature School The age old question of nature vs. nurture is still being debated by some of the brightest scholars of our time. Yet while looking at our world, we can see that many of the things that children learn are taught in a subconscious realm. But regardless of whether it is subconscious or conscious, children do learn a set of values and skills. While many people believe that day to day living skills are taught at home, yet through many experiences school helps teach personal, social as well as educational skills. School helps to develop character skills while also allowing children to interact with others their own age. Social Interactions are an integral part of the school environment, growing more important through the years. But the most significant skill set learned in school would be the educational. While these skills can be undoubtedly learned in other social situations, school is the most consistent environment that will develop these skills to help children grow to be effective, responsible adults. As children mature, it is it becomes necessary that they learn to rely on sources other than their parents. While learning to rely on others can come in planned social situations, school gives children a chance to develop these skills in an unplanned manner. School helps to increase such skills as a child’s resilience, integrity and most importantly their independence. Daily returning
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Nature School - Bell 1 Erica Bell Professor Abbott English...

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