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New Hemingway Paper

New Hemingway Paper - Bell 1 Erica Bell Professor Abott...

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Bell 1 Erica Bell Professor Abott English 1101 16 November 2008 Ernest Hemingway is considered by many to have been a witty and prolific writer. Hemingway’s mastery skills cannot be denied as one reads the short story “Hills like White Elephants”, he skillfully weaves a story that the reader has to use subtle context clues in order to deduce not only what he is talking about but what the final outcome of the story is. Many say that Hemingway appears to be writing about abortion as well as the male and female response to the invasive procedure. Critically acclaimed writers have debated the story and each has come to his or her own conclusion. Whether it is the barrenness of the hills or the beads of the curtain, each detail described has led the critic to a few beliefs about the story. Through symbolism, context clues and the language of the characters, Jig’s decision of aborting her baby as well as her desire to continue in her relationship with the man becomes evident.
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