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Unformatted text preview: -1Nicole Crowell Biology Lab 1005L Nutrition Paper As I sat in the biology lab at the start of this class, I wondered what I would learn and how beneficial it was really going to be in my life. Many classes only give you an insight into a subject that either will never be used or knowledge that you store for later. As I looked through the lab manual and heard the “horror” stories from other students about lab homework, I shuddered at the thought of one more fluff class. Yet within twenty minutes of the start of class, I knew that I would learn more than I could have ever imagined. There are several topics that stick most with me now at the close of the semester but the one that I believe will have the most impact is the information that I received on nutrition. Everyday millions of Americans are watch commercials for Relacore, Slimquick, Trimspa, Ali and etc. They are told in these commercials that these pills will help you burn fat or block the digestion of carbohydrates and or fats. They are sold the dream of being thin using little to no exercise and or self-carbohydrates and or fats....
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