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Get Thin or Else!!!!

Get Thin or Else!!!! - Nicole Crowell Business Law Get Thin...

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Nicole Crowell Business Law November 30, 2009 Get Thin and Graduate or Stay Fat and in College As a society, the American people are fascinated by the appearance of others. By simply walking though a checkout lane, the amount of magazines that are focused on celebrities and their appearance out number those that promote a healthy and positive body image. Yet if that is compared to the average daily caloric intake one can see many inconsistencies. The Center for Disease Control recently reported that an estimated 51 percent of African -Americans are obese and the Office Of Minority Health reports that four out of five African American women are either over weight and/ or obese. At these alarming rates, it is easy to understand why this is being labeled as an epidemic. As a society, there are many different organizations, clubs and even televisions shows that are helping to promote the idea of losing weight. But is it ethical or even legal for a school to mandate that the students who test with a BMI of 30 or more, the clinical definition of obese have to take an exercise class in order to graduate? Three years ago, Tiana Y. Lawson enrolled in Lincoln University, the Nation’s first Black University, as a three time honor student. She, like many other freshman, scanned the course catalog to learn the requirements to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. She noted that on according to the University Requires Students who have are
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clinically obese (a BMI of 30 or more) but thought nothing of the requirement. But three weeks ago, eighty seniors received a letter stating that they would not be graduating in the spring if they did not enroll in the “Fitness for Life” class. Jonathon Marshall, a reporter for the Lincolnion questioned whether or not Lincoln University actually looked at the legal and social implications of a very selective graduation requirement. Is this a violation of student rights? Legal Implications of “Fitness for Life” Class The Constitution applies to everyone regardless of age, color, creed or weight. The 14 th Amendment states that no state has the right to “make or enforce any law… which abridges the privileges...of the citizens... or deprive them of the right to life, liberty and property.” The statutes have been enacted to prevent discrimination of a person based on race, age, color, creed, religion, and or physical limitations. This physical limitation would include a malady such as being overweight or obese. Lincoln University receives public funding but is under independent control. Since the school receives public funds, then one might say that Lincoln University is agent of the state. As an agent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it would be a violation of the 14 th Amendment to make such a statement.
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Get Thin or Else!!!! - Nicole Crowell Business Law Get Thin...

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