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Argumentative Essay - People,Too 1 Nicole Crowell Jessica...

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Nicole Crowell Jessica Barron Lauren Johnson Estell Professor Jeneen Surrency ENC 1101 23 April 2009 We Are People, Too! During the 19 th and 20 th centuries, many people came to America from a variety of cultures. Millions left their homes and countries, choosing to venture to an unknown land so that they might experience a freedom that they had never known: the right to be able to express their own personal and religious beliefs. Yet the early settlers did not realize this dream until they had fought the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Once the settlers gained their independence from outside countries, they fought the Civil War in order for all men/women in the United States to have equal rights. Since the beginning of the United States of America’s history, American citizens have been fighting to ensure that all men and women have those rights and that each person has the right to live without discrimination. Yet by refusing to grant legal marriage rights to gays and lesbians, the growth of American society remains deeply rooted in the past and will continue in its stagnation. An integral structural component of the United States government is the US Constitution. The Constitution helped define the rights of individuals, the states as well as establishing the federal government. According to the preamble, “in [O]rder to form a People,Too 1
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more perfect [U]nion, establish [J]ustice, insure domestic [T]ranquility…and ensure the [B]lessings of [L]iberty to ourselves and our [P]rosperity”(US Const preamble), the early settlers were drafting and establishing the Constitution for justice, tranquility and to help establish liberty and prosperity, not to define social and moral behavior as well as their effects on society (Fitzgibbon). Granting marriage rights to gays and lesbians should then be protected by the constitution with the term “insuring domestic tranquility.” Senator Patrick Leahy states in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Constitution, Civil Rights, and Property Rights, “there is no imminent crisis that demands the diversion of Congress’s attention from” such urgent problems as the war in Iraq, record high fuel prices, the rising national debt “or that justifies an alteration of our founding
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Argumentative Essay - People,Too 1 Nicole Crowell Jessica...

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