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CrowellN_OST4071_ Exam 1 - Nicole Crowell OST4071 Spring...

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Nicole Crowell OST4071 Spring 2009 Exam 1 Chapter 1- Moving to Leadership 1. What are the challenges you are likely to face as the new leader? As a new leader of the department, you will face the same challenges as all new leaders such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling but added to this is the challenge of completing these tasks with your former colleagues. You will also have to face the challenges of creating a new persona for yourself with outside vendors. While these challenges might be immediate, they will occur generally with the first year of acquiring a new position. 2. What are some actions you should take to help smooth the transition? In an effort to smooth the transition, there are a few actions that can be performed before you acquire the new position and there are a few actions that can help smooth the transitions as it takes place. But the most effective actions will be the ones that are the most heartfelt and sincere. One of the actions that can be taken before you are officially the new department manager, could be having the departing manager send an email explaining to the department of her departure and who she has chosen to succeed her. In this type of letter, companies generally have a list of the person education’s, trainings and individual contributions that “prove” why they chosen this person. Since the department, did have employees with more on the job experience yet not enough education, this type of letter also helps these employee understand the criteria that the company was looking for in choosing a new department manager. Another action that can be taken before the departing manager leaves could be for the department to have a meeting. The meeting could be one in which she allows each person or entity in that department to explain their particular job function. This would
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CrowellN_OST4071_ Exam 1 - Nicole Crowell OST4071 Spring...

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