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Crowelln_Wheelerj_Sheltonj_OST4071_Assign_Chapter_6 and 7 -...

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Nicole Crowell James Wheeler Jemaal Shelton OST 4071 March 14, 2009 Chapter 6 New Models for Leadership: Review and Discussion Questions Questions 1. What are the factors that gave rise to the development of neo-charismatic leadership theories? 2. Describe the elements of charismatic leadership. 3. What are the cultural constraints on the development of charismatic leadership? 4. Describe the elements of transactional leadership. 5. How is management by exception different from empowerment? 6. Describe the elements of transformational leadership and its role in enacting organizational change. 7. Compare and contrast value-based, spiritual, and authentic leadership concepts. 8. What are the keys elements of authentic leadership? 9. What are the major shortcomings of the neo-charismatic approaches to leadership? 10. What are the major contributions of the neo-charismatic approaches to our understanding of leadership? Answers 1. Some of the factors were credited with bringing much-needed new life and enthusiasm to the field of leadership. Many researchers developed the concept of charisma for application to organizational contexts and proposed models of leadership that focus on vision and large-scale change in organizations. 2. The elements that are necessary for the development of charismatic leadership are: leader characteristics, follower characteristics, and the leadership situation. Charismatic leaders have self-confidence in their own abilities and in the
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Crowelln_Wheelerj_Sheltonj_OST4071_Assign_Chapter_6 and 7 -...

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