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Women in Leadership - Women in Leadership Nicole Crowell...

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Women in Leadership Nicole Crowell Student ID # 300057857 Theresa Shotwell OST 4071 Leadership Development
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In November 2008, America tuned into, what is being considered as, one of the most historic election races in the history of the United States. The world watched as contenders for the job of United States President put their bid and no one was surprised when Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton put in her Presidential bid. Many believed that she was going to run and were excited to learn about the previous First Lady’s vision for the United States. Throughout the historical race, Senator Clinton’s race became synonymous with women’s rights as much as President Barack Obama’s race became synonymous with African Americans. One can question why, is a woman president such a controversial topic. Many studies have been done on women in a position of authority. Studies have shown that women leaders are more persuasive, have a stronger need to get things done and are often times more willing to take risks than their male counterparts. These women also show a few of the key qualities that essential to any business environment such as common sense and honesty. Although some may consider some characteristic like assertiveness, unlady-like and manish, it is these qualtites that make female leaders a success not only in the workplace but in their home lives as well. Many women leaders realize early in their careers the
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Women in Leadership - Women in Leadership Nicole Crowell...

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