Out of Class Essay #1

Out of Class Essay #1 - Nicole Crowell ENC 1101...

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Nicole Crowell ENC 1101 Out-of-Class Essay #1 Feb. 24 th , 2009 Independent Lady Stealthily sneaking around my room and trying to put my clothes on in the dark, I wondered how this decision would affect the rest of my life. Stepping out of my home and gently closing the door so my dad wouldn’t hear, I wondered if I was making the right decision. As I briskly began walking done the suburbia hills of Murrieta, CA, I asked myself, is it too late to change my mind? Plagued with questions yet filled with a sense with years of my parents stressing the importance of independence and accountability, I got into the waiting dark blue intrepid. My life had been carefully structured with parents that were loving, supportive, and encouraging. They had provided experiences that were meant to guide and teach me to make my own decisions. Their desire for my success sometimes overshadowed my need to make truly independent decisions. As I settled into the car for the two hour trip ahead, my mind began replaying all
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Out of Class Essay #1 - Nicole Crowell ENC 1101...

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