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Works Cited Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit Same-Sex Marriages (2005) (testimony of Professor Scott Fitzgibbon). Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit Same-Sex Marriages (2005) (testimony of Senator Patrick Leahy). "Discrimination." . 9 Apr. 2009 <>. Harkins, George W. "George W. Harkins Letter to the American People." Letter to American People. Dec. 1831. Niles' Register . 1832. Sequoyah Research Center . 2007. University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 19 Apr. 2009 < mericanPeople.htm>. Head, Tom. "Four Reasons to Support Gay Marriage and Oppose the Federal Marriage
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Unformatted text preview: Amendment." Editorial. 1 June 2006: 1-7. . 1 June 2006. 3 Mar. 2009 <Http://>. United States. Cong. Senate. Senate Judiciary. 109th Cong. S. Bill. LexisNexis Congressional . LexisNexis. Florida A & M University, Tallahassee. 9 Apr. 2009 <>. "With Veto Overrides, Vermont legalizes same-sex marriages." 7 Apr. 2009. 19 Apr. 2009 <>. People,Too 6...
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