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The statistical data for the predicted labor force that will be available is key to understand for any large corporation. It will give you insight so you can best employ the most qualified employees to run your business as efficiently as possible. Times have change a lot since the baby boomers era and with the mothers and fathers both working are producing less children’s. Women are getting married later in age than we just twenty years ago and the divorce rate is over fifty percent. I think in today’s society companies
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Unformatted text preview: are forced to hire employees of different genders, rather than whom is the best qualified. In the United Stares the law system is very obscured and it is difficult for the layman person, to understand so companies are forced spend millions each year on a legal team to protect themselves. In the HR depart is key that they are looking are the company as a unit and hire the best-qualified employees, while abiding by the laws. The labor force spread sheet shows that in the next five years...
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