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Unformatted text preview: BankBoston Ryan Fitts HR400-01: Employment and Staffing Professor: John Theodore February 15, 2011 1 BankBoston BankBoston has invested in diversity with measurable accomplishments of increasing proportion of minority employees in its total workforce in management positions. Also the number of women in managerial positions has also increased significantly. I believe they understand very well the benefits and importance of managing diversity. They understand the tremendous cost of failing to manage workforce diversity. Their current program definitely went in the right direction, but with the every changing workforce they must continue to stay a step ahead of their competition to attract the brightest and most qualified employees from different diverse groups. They must stay on top of the changing workforce as it will have very little growth and it is aging. The Asian labor and Hispanic labor force will be growing at a much higher rate than other groups, so they will need to gear up to attract a larger percentage of...
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Ryan_Fitts_HR400-01_Unit_2 - BankBoston Ryan Fitts...

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