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Ryan Fitts May 16, 2011 Professor: Andrew Toussaint Unit 4 1
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Due to type business Ora Clinical is engaged in verbal information has the greatest need because they must continue to have meaningful information. It is imperative that their information is organized and processed in a very professional manner. They can always improve their ability to declare information because the success of their business is based on the accurate processing of information. This information must be systematically processed in a competent matter. They have a very complex operation that relies on evaluating scientific information that is analytical in nature. Their success relies on accurately processing this information in a timely matter. The least capabilities that can be learned of the four for this organization is attitudes because this organization is staffed with highly trained professionals that are very goal oriented with good work ethnics. Most employees have excellent job satisfaction due to the open team concept, they have excellent attitudes, and they love their work. The employees are utilizing their talents and abilities to the fullest for the success of this organization. Ora management knows how to properly treat and motivate employees to perform their jobs exceptional well while having fun working. The adult learning would be implemented by demonstrating how their
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Ryan_Fitts_HR410-01_Unit_4 - 1 Ryan Fitts Professor Andrew...

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