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Unit 7 Case Analysis By: Ryan Fitts LS311-04 1
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In order to establish the defense of bona fide occupational qualification, an employer must prove the requirement is reasonably necessary to the success of the organization and that a definable group or class of employees would be unable to perform the job safely and efficiently. The employer needs to demonstrate a necessity for a certain type of workers because all others do not have certain characteristics necessary for employment success. Because bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQ) are employment qualifications that employers are allowed to consider while making decisions about hiring and retention of employees the County Juvenile Center were in their right to make this employee adjustments to manage the increase male detainees. The evidence that the county had a valid BFOQ claim is their new policy was put in place to reduce the possibility of sexual abuse by an officer when only the opposite gender is present.
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Ryan_Fitts_LS311-04_Unit_7_Case_Analysis - Case Analysis 1...

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