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Unit 8 Case Analysis By: Ryan Fitts LS311-04 1
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Conducting your personal business through an LLC or corporation provides no protection against a tort verdict. Corporations do not avoid personal tort liability for their own conduct; therefore the corporation and Allen will be help liable in this suit filed in Indiana State Court. A "contractual" wrong is a failure to do something you agreed to do. Allen signed a contract to perform acceptable workmanship for the renovation of this home. Since he broke the contract by providing poor workmanship he would be liable for breaking his contractual agreement. A corporation is liable for the torts committed by it officers within the course of their employment, therefore Allen would be held liable for his poor workmanship. Since Larry is associated with the corporation the corporation would be held liable. They can be
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Ryan_Fitts_LS311-04_Unit_8_Case_Analysis - Case Analysis 1...

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