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CBE 102B Problem Set 4 [ABET] Due: Friday, April 30, 2010 1. (20 pts.) Consider the ideal gas reaction: 22 2 H (g) CO (g) CO(g) H O(g) + + R . At 1000 K, a measurement gives the following values for the partial pressures: () ( ) ( ) ( ) 2 H 0.55bar , CO 0.20bar , CO 1.25bar , H O 0.10bar pp pp ==== . Is the reaction at equilibrium under these conditions? If not, in what direction will the reaction proceed to attain equilibrium? 2. (30 pts.) Consider the ideal gas reaction A(g) 3B(g) 2C(g) + R . Assuming that the initial mixture contains A(g) and B(g) in stoichiometric proportions (1 and 3 moles respectively), find an expression for the equilibrium extent of the reaction, ξ , as a function of the total pressure, p , at fixed temperature. 3. (20 pts.) Consider the ideal-gas reaction: . If the initial mixture contains 1 mole of N
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