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Dan Yu MUS 460 Dr. Nathan Buckner Schubert’s piano sonatas Schubert was born in Hinmmelpfortgrund, Vienna in 1797. As the same as many other famous composers, Schubert began his musical education from his early age, and experienced different teachers from different majors. Antonio Salier, one of Schubert’s important teachers, influenced him a lot. Schubert’s genius of composition began to dazzle was the period that studied with Salier. Schubert wrote almost 1000 woks during his life, and most of his works are songs. For piano music, there is a large body of music for solo piano, including 21 complete sonatas and many short dances, a relatively large set of works for piano duet, and some chamber music with piano for combination. As known to all that Schubert is famous for his art songs. He is good at writing extending phrases with charming, and delicate qualities, and it is seldom to see the distinct point between different themes. Influenced by the style of his songs, Schubert’s piano music also got the quality of “extending” that his themes are often explored by a long phrase. Compared with Beethoven’s “contradiction”, Schubert’s themes are all about “uniform”. Among Schubert’s piano works, sonatas should not be ignored. He wrote twenty-one solo piano sonatas, including the unfinished ones and some drafts of single movements. Because of his early death, Schubert had no chance as Beethoven and other composers that create thoughtful, introvert, and deep pieces which depends on the age and experiences. Most of his piano sonatas are the extension of his genius
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Schubert - Dan Yu MUS 460 Dr Nathan Buckner Schuberts piano...

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