Purchasing final - Report Bribery Collusion and Corruption...

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Report: Bribery, Collusion and Corruption Introduction With the progress of further globalization and growth beyond national borders of corporate activities, the volume of international business transactions are increasingly growing even amongst undeveloped countries. It has been well documented throughout the last century that bribery and collusion have become a part of international business, especially among government related procurement. Worldwide anxiety for the dilemma of fraud and corruption including bribery has been showing a rapid increase in recent years. The media’s recent interest in our company being involved in this type of scandal is appropriate because of the type of business we conduct. Our Concern A combination of legislation, public opinion and business ethics create a great initiative for our company to make all attempts from being involved in any collusion, whether it be government related procurement or not. Throughout history bribery and collusion have shown to be a top-down activity, meaning it take the actions from upper level management to the accountants and sales representatives in order to provide kickbacks for business deals. If our company were to ever be considered of this type of practice it would not only hurt sales and interactions among other businesses, but the negative media coverage would create resentment
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Purchasing final - Report Bribery Collusion and Corruption...

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