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Bluest Eye Paper - Kyrk Roberts Freshman Communicative...

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Kyrk Roberts Freshman Communicative Skills II April 11, 2008 Throughout American history the black male has struggled to obtain and maintain a positive image in the eyes of both white and black Americans . In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye , this issue is brought to the forefront as the author examines many of the contributing factors to the negative portrayal of black men in American society . Although many of Morrison’s portrayals of black men in “The Bluest Eye” are negative, they reveal a great deal about the development and perpetuation of these stigmas . Although Morrison has garnered acclaim for her uplifting African-American literature, in “The Bluest Eye” she demonstrates a feminist proclivity for exacerbating the negative stereotypes of black men which purports to illustrate the deterioration the black American male image . A major instrument Morrison uses in “The Bluest Eye” to augment these stereotypes is the character Cholly Breedlove . On the surface, Morrison depicts Cholly as a bad husband, absentee father, and mentally demented rapist . But as Morrison explores Cholly’s character further through a detailed and intriguing exposition of his background the reader learns more about Cholly’s situation and the circumstances leading to his eventual rape of his daughter Pecola . Although Morrison makes no attempt to invoke a feeling of sympathy for Cholly, she does give the reader a sense of understanding that there is usually more to a situation than is at first perceived . Before Cholly’s eventual rape of Pecola, Morrison describes Cholly’s own
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Bluest Eye Paper - Kyrk Roberts Freshman Communicative...

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