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1) The Constitution (163-166) a. to protect the country from the problems of concentrated authority the writers of the Constitution used the idea of a separation of powers, a system of checks and balances a federal structure of government b. To protect the nations from the tyranny of the people the original US Constitution provided for the direct election of only one the US house of representatives c. The historians who analyzed the writing of the Constitution offered all of the following interpretations of the men who wrote the document: i. They were public spirited individuals trying to save the country from disintegration ii. They were wealthy men trying to protect their own property and make money off the public debt iii. They were traditional aristocrats trying to ensure that common men continued to treat them as the elite. 2) The federalists (168-170 ) a. (Of the 1790s) Believed the United States should have a strong central government and a well developed economy. 3) Alexander Hamilton (168-170) a. His economic plan called for federal revenue to come from all the following sources: i. The sale of public land ii. Excise tax on whiskey iii. A tariff on imports b. He believed in all the following ideas: i. The country should be governed by an elite ruling class. ii. One bank should have a monopoly of the federal government’s own big banking business. iii. A large and permanent national debt is a good idea. c.
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AMHFINalstudyguide - 1) The Constitution (163-166) a. to...

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