PSC 1121 _C04_Fall2008

PSC 1121 _C04_Fall2008 - Florida A&M University Physics...

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1 Florida A&M University Physics Department PSC 1121 Introduction to Physical Science Fall 2008 ____________________________________________________________ Course Information CATALOG DESCRIPTION Introduction to physical science history, philosophy, methodology, and content of astronomy, physics, and chemistry which have allowed man to orient himself to his physical environment. A series of practical experiments and laboratory demonstrations are included. Independent projects may also be assigned. LECTURES M W F PSC1121 C04: 3:35 - 4:25 PM CLASSROOM BLPC (Benjamin L. Perry Class Building), Room 300 INSTRUCTOR Mikhail Khankhasayev, Ph.D. E-mail : [email protected] OFFICE HOURS M W 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Friday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (by appointment only) Jones Hall Bldg. (Physics Dept.) Rm. 111F TEXTBOOK Conceptual Physical Science – Explorations by Paul G. Hewitt, John Suchocki, and Leslie Hewitt (Addison Wesley, 2003) GRADING SCALE A 90 -100 % B 80 – 89 % C 70 – 79 % D 60 – 69 % F < 60 %
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2 COURSE EVALUATION Student performance will be evaluated in the following areas Homework (200 pts): 10 Blackboard Homework Sets (20 each) Tests (400 pts) - 5 Tests (100 each, the lowest grade will be dropped ) Final Exam ( 200 pts) Attendance/class participation - 100 Research project paper (100 pts) There are a total of 1000 points possible. To earn an A, it is needed to earn 900 or more; 800 or more to earn a B; 700 to earn a C; and 600 or more to earn a D. Attendance and class participation (100 pts). Class attendance is mandatory for all students and attendance will be taken every class. Some material may be discussed which is not in the textbook. Additional in-class assignments/quizzes may be given to students. According to the FAMU Attendance Policy, if you accumulate more than 3 "ABSENCES" then you may be Administratively Withdrawn. However, if you decide to stop attending class, then it is your responsibility to withdraw from the course. The last day that you can withdraw from the course and receive "W" grade is September 26. Blackboard Homework Sets (200 pts ) . The BB Problem Sets will be posted on the course Blackboard site in the Assignments folder. Each problem set must be completed by the required deadline. Note: At the beginning of each lecture, you will be provided with recommended textbook questions and problems. These problems will be not turned in for grading , but they are a very useful resource for completing the Blackboard assignments. Solutions to the selected homework problems will be posted in the Homework folder before each of corresponding BB problem set is due. Tests (400 pts) Five tests will be given in class. - Each test will consist of 20 questions and is worth 100. The lowest score of the five tests will be dropped. Final Exam (200 pts)
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PSC 1121 _C04_Fall2008 - Florida A&M University Physics...

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