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Liberal Economic Lynching By Armstrong Williams Not so shocking to some, especially entrepreneurs, are liberals who are lining up single- file to stand before the American public to be lynched for their crimes against the economy. Never has it been more apparent that the absence of people who know how to make opportunities in the economy starves our nation from the vital innovation it needs in order to survive and again thrive. For the most part, the Obama administration hosts a team of people who have benefited from having high-paying corporate salaries, lucrative speaking engagements, book deals and brokering deals. They know nothing else but to fill a role and get their paycheck. They are clueless as to what it takes to start a business, meet payroll, reinvent one's self in a challenging economy and grow the business for generations to come. Their mentality won’t and can't work in this sluggish economy. In fact, it actually brutalizes the economy by having people who are in control of our financial purse-strings
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