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final - a False 5 Religious fundamentalism seeks to use...

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1) A form of feminism that holds gender divisions to be the most politically significant of social cleavages, and believes that they are rooted in the structure of domestic life. a. Radical feminism 2) Religious fundamentalism believes that secularization has contributed to protecting and maintaining traditional religious values. a. FALSE 3) Advocates for the construction of decentralized societies, organized as a collection of communes or villages. Life in such communities would be lived close to nature. Each community attempting to achieve a higher degree of self sufficiency a. Ecosocialism 4) Religious fundamentalism believes that separation between religion and politics is desirable. In addition, it believes that the ideal government is secular.
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Unformatted text preview: a. False 5) Religious fundamentalism seeks to use religion as a basis for "rebuilding" national identities fragmented by the influx of foreign ideas and market oriented values because of globalization. a. True 6) Believes that the natural world has been despoiled by capitalism and its relentless search fro profit. Capitalism is characterized not only by class conflict, but also by the destruction of the natural environment. a. EcoSom 7) Religious fundamentalism believes that a "moral gulf" exists between it and __________. It argues for a return to family and religious values as a basis for combating _______ and _______. a. liberal individualism, permissiveness and materialism...
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