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POT4064notes*densu - Notes from Sept 1 2009 Ideology All...

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Notes from Sept 1 2009 Ideology All People are political thinkers, consciously and unconsciously Often times we hold values and beliefs but they are often incomplete and not precisely understood The role of political ideas/ideology -Politicasl ideas are secondary to biological or material conditions -Political ideas are conditioned response to practical circumstances - Political ideas as the basis for human actions The function of ideologies - Ideologies emerge and can be understood within a social and historical context - Ideologies provide a perspective through with the world is understood and explained - Both pragmatic and philosophical - Ideologies shape the formation of political system - Ideologies bind people together, and allow grouping to take place. I.e. Marxism.Liberalism.Buddhism How and Why we study Ideologies: - We seek to comparatively analyze the content of political thought i.e. to be interest in the ideas, doctrine, and theories that have been advanced by and within the various ideological traditions - We seek to understand both theory and practices praxis… theory/practice: what people think and what they do Towards a Definition of Ideology:
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