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1) Define indigenous and give examples 2) Explain pre-colonial Africa 3) Define land ethic 4) Define mode of production and give examples 5) List three characteristics associated with culture identity 6) List and explain two concepts of pre-colonial African worldview 7) Four core social institutions of pre-colonial Africa 8) 9) Describe land ethic or pre-colonial society 10) Two characteristics of mode of production in pre-colonial African societies
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11) Pre-Colonial Africa A. Indigienous Communities B. Present Day map vs. Ethnic Divisions map 1. Northern i. Ethnic Groups: 2. Western i. Ethnic Groups: 3. Central i. Ethnic Groups: 4. Eastern i. Ethnic Groups: 5. Southern i. Ethnic Groups: C. CULTURAL IDENTITY 1. Biological 2. Linguistic 3. Historical 12) Core Concepts of the African Worldview A. Concept of an Infinite/Eternal Mystery B. Ongoing Quest to Become more Human/Internal Transformation and Development C. Intrinsic Unity Between Individuals and the Community
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Unformatted text preview: D. A living Interconnect interdependent universe 13) Concepts of the Creator A. Akan B. Mende C. Ibo D. Yoruba E. GA F. Fon G. Bakongo 14) Conceptions of Time A. Cosmic – ongoing B. Vital C. Natural D. Social-Time – devoted to E. Dikenga – four moments 1. mid 2. dusk 3. High 4. Dawn 15) Things To think about when studying. . A. Ecologically Centered B. No notion of universal Prophet C. Endogeneous 16) Core Social Instituions . . A. Extended Family 1. Age set 2. Jow 3. Gender 17) Political Insitutions A. Heriditary B. Gerontacracy 1. Move from gerontacracy because. . i. War ii. Wealth iii. Cultural development All human cultures deal with 2 fundamental issues and all else evolved from that::: ecological question && social question. How human beings related to land, and how humans relate to each other...
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outlineEXAM1 - D A living Interconnect interdependent...

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