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Hannah Brooks POS 2112 State and Local Government Kwasi Densu September 29, 2009 Tallahassee Growth Coalition The Power Elite Property Owners Omega Housing: Omega Management was the first to develop new quality housing for college students in the FAMU area. I would say that this company in conjunction with the Point on Adams Place, and College Club, have a major hold on student housing which is obviously an important market in Tallahassee. Bankers Capital City Bank: This bank has a community focus and prides itself on its local hold because it allows them to specialize in serving. Utility Companies Mathers Electric Company These utility companies are the ones generally heard about housing complexes
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Unformatted text preview: using. As previously stated student housing is a major business in Tallahassee, and any utility company that works with/ is publicized in conjunction with any particular housing complex is set to be more popular and more powerful in Tallahasee. Department Stores Governor’s Square Mall: Despite recent recession influenced developments, Governor’s Square Mall had a very tight grip on the department store needs of Tallahassee residents. There are very few options in town that fulfill that same need. Political Leaders Kenn Pruit; President of Senate Charlie Crist; Governor James Miller; Public information officer...
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