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Unformatted text preview: Politics in States and Communities Power Point Supplement Chapter 5 Parties and Campaigns in the States U.S. Political Party Support U.S. Political Party Support American Political Parties Party: An organization that seeks to achieve power by winning public office in elections Responsible Party or Party Centered Model­A party system in which each party offers clear policy alternatives and holds their elected officials responsible for enacting these policies in office Candidate Centered Model­Individual candidates rather than parties raise funds, create personal organizations, and rely on professional consultants to direct their campaigns Responsible Party Model Develop and clarify alternative policy positions for voters Educate people about issues and simplify choices Recruit candidates for office who agree with the party positions Organize and direct their candidates to win elections Organize legislatures to ensure party control of policymaking U.S. Political Party ID The Rise of the Candidate Centered Model of Elections The advent of primary elections Decline in party identification Increased focus on candidate rather than party Influence of media, particularly television Decline in political patronage Rise of single­issue interest groups, PACs, and 527 groups What Political Parties Do Organize elections and narrow the choice of candidates Despite rise of candidate­centered elections, parties play an important role in voter choice Create an image for voters on a range of public policy issues Provide the organizational basis for the functioning of state legislatures Party Structures/Operations Party Activists as Ideologues and/or Candidates State Party Organizations: Chair, Central Committees, County/Local Organizations Filing, Primaries­Open and Closed County, Congressional, and State Conventions Professional Campaigns Marketing Candidates Public Relations Firms Polling Name Recognition Campaign Themes Grassroots Campaigning Media Campaigning and Negative Ads Web Campaigning Fundraising Sources of News for Americans 2008 Republican Presidential Primary Candidates: Can you name them? States Drawn in Proportion to Electoral Votes Red/Blue States Party Competitiveness On the Web www.democrats.org Democrats www.rnc.org Republicans www.opensecrets.org The Center for Responsible Politics www.publiccampaign.org Public Campaign ...
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